In recent years, along with the development wave of blockchain and cryptocurrency, the term web 3.0 and decentralized applications (dApps) have also appeared more and more popular. Blockchain discerning and advocates are also advocates of the view that web 3.0 will replace web 2.0 and decentralized application will replace centralized application. By contrast, the vast majority of people, who may or may not have heard of web 3.0 and decentralized applications, do not understand the differences between these applications and why they matter.

Perhaps the simplest way to explain decentralized application is to explain centralized application (lol).

Basically, all the applications that we are using are centralized applications, all software in different forms such as website (Facebook, Google, Youtube …) to mobile app (Grab, Messenger, Foody…) to the software installed directly on the desktop, laptop (Skype, Slack, Spotify…) are all centralized software. The centralized application or software is built and managed by a single organization, the same companies that develop and distribute these applications. Databases of these applications are hosted on the servers of these companies, which also process our interactions on the application, and return the results of the interactions.

Decentralized application different from centralized application, is built on blockchain foundation. This means that there is not a single server to process and store data, but all machines (or nodes) are involved in the process. All of these machines act both as servers and as service users. Thanks to the advantages of decentralization, a messaging application based on blockchain technology and completely decentralized is born — YSign.

What is YSign?

ySign is a decentralized app based on Blockchain technology. We are giving our users the chance to communicate freely, securely and anonymously. Exchanging information has never been easier and more secure! Thanks to the Blockchain technology, a copy of your private messages and calls will only be saved on your own device. There is no central server, where private information could be stored. ySign ensures 100% security and privacy during the exchange of messages and calls.

Why do we need decentralized applications?

First, ySign doesn’t have a “Single Point of Failure” problem like centralized applications. For centralized applications, the server crash will result in the entire system paralyzing the machines in the system. Can not access the data from the server nor send the request to the server anymore store and process data of the whole system Participating nodes will be rewarded with cryptocurrency (usually tokens of these systems). It’s okay to contribute computing power, you can still use it for free like normal applications.

Next, decision making in decentralized systems will be fairer and more transparent. If for centralized applications, the implementation of changes in the system will be solely determined by the company that manages these applications, then for decentralized systems, the important change decisions will be done by the whole community. According to blockchain’s philosophy, a change is only achieved with consensus, meaning that the majority (usually over 50%) of the participants agree to the change. This puts more power in the hands of the user and contributes to handling the monopoly on the internet.

Finally, decentralized applications help open up new business models and bring new values ​​to the user. This is due to the presence of tokens on these systems. These tokens serve as tools to make payments for interactions between different objects on the system: between users and users or between users and the system. For example, users of a decentralized web browser can use their tokens to donate to their favorite websites, so these websites do not need to depend on advertising anymore, meaning users. No more watching ads (!!!)

Why blockchain?

The decentralized Blockchain-based system is our way to secure and guarantee total privacy during the exchange of information. Encrypted Peer-to-Peer communication enables ySign users to freely and securely communicate with each other without any of their personal data being stored on a central server. This way communication between registered users stays only between themselves and their private data is stored only on their own devices. Since there is no centralized copy of any personal data, there is also no chance to misuse any information about our ySign members.


YSign application chooses its own direction, completely different from the products available on the market today. A decentralized messaging application based on blockchain technology. This is exactly what we have been waiting for. So what are you waiting for without downloading the application and experience immediately? Hope you will have a great experience with ySign.

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